A Bill Found in a Box
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Rarity White (Common)
Number 182203263
Level 1
Stack 1
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A Bill Found in a Box
Quest Item
A Bill Found in a Box
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A small piece of folded paper. Double-click to begin a quest.
Asmodian, level 17 or above.

A Bill Found in a Box is a delivery bill of supplies for Mabrunerk.

Acquisition Edit

Dropped by

Quests Edit

Starts quest
Tango quest icon A Bill Found in a Box [quest] [?]

Document Edit

A Bill Found in a Box
Left button
Right button
- 1/2 -

Delivery Bill

Sender: Micorunerk, Pandaemonium

Receiver: MabrurkTemplate:Sic, Altgard

Item: Ten boxes containing Divine Shields and other items

Detailed list follows.

Notes Edit

  • This document still shows Mabrunerk's old name, Mabrurk, as the receiver.

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