Aurtri's Letter
Letter type 1
Instant Tango activation
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2 seconds Tango quest icon repeatable
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Rarity White (Common)
Number 182203247
Level 1
Stack Unknown
In-game Link [item: 182203247]
Aurtri's Letter
Quest Item
Aurtri's Letter
Only one can be carried
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Cannot Split
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A letter form Aurtri to Brigade General Suthran. Double-click to read.
Reuse Time 2s

Acquisition Edit

Given by

Quests Edit

Required for
Tango quest icon Aurtri's Letter [quest] [?]

Document Edit

Aurtri's Letter
Left button
Right button
- 1/2 -

I send this message to inform you of suspicious Lepharist activity near the Observatory.

At the very least, they are robbing caravans of their cargo. We obtained an encoded order (enclosed), but we cannot decipher it.

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