Book Package
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Rarity White (Common)
Number 182207007
Level 1
Stack 1
In-game Link [item: 182207007]
Book Package
Quest Item
Man in the Long Black Robe
Only one can be carried
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Cannot Split
{{{race}}} Only
{{{craft}}} skill (?p)
A package containing books about Aether and craft designs.

The Book Package is a package of books about Aether and craft designs. It was stolen from the Temple of Knowledge by the Man in the Long Black Robe.

Acquisition Edit

Dropped by

Quests Edit

Required for
Tango quest icon Man in the Long Black Robe [?]

Document Edit

Book Package
Left button
Right button
- 1/1 -

(A note atop the package of books seems to have been written in a hurry.)

You were correct. Lumiel has given the Asmodians significant knowledge of Aethertapping and use. Pandaemonium held all the schematics we need.

Notes Edit

  • You are unable to use the Book Package in game, although it may have been intended that you could read the contents above.

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