Ornate Jewelry Box
Crafted Material
Instant Tango activation
{{{duration}}} Tango duration
15 seconds Tango quest icon repeatable
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Rarity White (Common)
Number 182207009
Level 10
Stack 1
In-game Link [item: 182207009]
Ornate Jewelry Box
Quest Item
Deep Maternal Love
Only one can be carried
Untradable, Unstorable in Account Warehouse, Unable to store in the Legion Warehouse
Available for Level 10 or higher
Cannot Split
Asmodian Only
{{{craft}}} skill (?p)
A jewel box luxuriously decorated with gold and silver.
Double-click to begin a quest. Asmodian, level 10 or above.
Reuse Time 15s

Ornate Jewelry Box is a jewel box luxuriously decorated with gold and silver.

Acquisition Edit

Tango quest icon Arekedil's Heritage [?]

Quests Edit

Starts quest
Tango quest icon Deep Maternal Love [?]

Document Edit

Ornate Jewelry Box
Left button
Right button
- 1/13 -

My dearest baby boy,

I pray to the Five that you are blessed with the strength and courage of your father and the cleverness and determination of your mother. If you are, you will survive the perils I have placed you in and you will grow to one day take the fine necklace

I left with you and trace it back to me.

I'm writing you this letter so you will understand why I have to deny you when you confront me with the necklace and why we can never meet again, nor talk as mother and child.

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