Pirate Journal
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Pirate Journal
Quest Item
A Cursed Opal
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The log of the Rossio Pirates who went looking for treasure. Double-click to read.

The Pirate Journal is the log of the Rossio Pirates who went looking for treasure.

Acquisition Edit

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Quests Edit

Required for
Tango quest icon A Cursed Opal [?]

Document Edit

Pirate Journal
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- 1/7 -

- Eyvinder Log: Day 1 -

We set sail by order of the Captain to find a treasure called the Black Opal.

He said we had to voyage to Ishalgen, where none of us had been before.

We took on water and food enough to sustain us for 40 days of sailing, and overhauled the ship.

Notes Edit

  • This item is essentially the same as the <Eyvindr Logbook> with a different name for this quest.

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