Poison Research Diary
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The Poison Research Diary is a diary that describes the process of making the Blood of Meslamtaeda.

Acquisition Edit

Tango quest icon Source of the Pollution [?]

Document Edit

Poison Research Diary
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- 1/7 -

Day 9

Sanctum has given many scholars the task of developing a weapon strong enough to put an end to the Abyss War, but so far none have made much progress.

Garnis and I agreed to develop a new poison--our specialty, but every formula we've tried has had insurmountable problems. We need to find something the Asmodians won't be able to counter.

I've been haunting the Library of the Sages, but I haven't come up with anything yet. Could the clues be in the books? Could I develop a new poison that Asmodae has never seen?

Notes Edit

  • This document is not required for completion nor is it destroyed upon completion.
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